Thursday, 18 June 2009

Foxsat HDR functionality wishlist

Automatic deletion like MCE, TiVo, SkyHD
Auto-deletion of empty folders

1. Ability to add proper wishlists by actor, director,producer, keywords, title with not/and/or functions. These to be tailored over all channels or just one channel
2. Auto Prioritiser of series links and wishlists in event of clashes
3. Improved metadata so series links persist more than a month if there is a break, (in fact persist for years unless cancelled)
4. Series links for EVERY programme on every channel
5. Fully adjustable Overshoot compensation when fast forwarding
6. Info button on live TV goes as far as at least 7days if not 28 days
7. Option for Info bar on live tv has different colours for HD originated programmes
8. Option to have smaller info screen on live TV
9. Full web based interface so every function can be controlled across the internet
10. One month EPG all of which is cached locally so runs fast, just like the current 7 day one
11. Full itunes client (like USA TiVos)
13. Menus and EPG can be accessed without losing live pause, live pause is NEVER lost except on extended reboot - save live buffer to disk if user reboots so live buffer can be auto resumed if there is spare disk space available
14. Dynamic buffer for live pause which uses available spare disk space like ReplayTV in 1998 or FetchTV in 2008
15. Programmes you don't want in Planner/Media list are remembered and never recorded again unless told otherwise (global blocklist)
16. Quick way to delete when viewing has finished
19. Ability to assign different remote codes for each box so you can have multiple boxes in the same room without clashing
20. Ethernet enabled to add multi-room sharing of video to PC or other foxsat or Sky boxes (mp3 and pictures would also be nice)
21. View upcoming episodes functionality over all channels
22. Unlimited favourites (up to 500 channels, 100 groups as there are now 10,000+ satellite channels), full flexibility with favourites
23. Integration with Vista/MCE DVB-S
24. option to Display full recording history and scheduled items in seperate menus/pages instead of all in one page
25. Display of all active series links and wishlists and order of priority
26. When you press record in live TV gives you the option to record the buffer as well to get the start of the programme if available
27. All preferences and settings can be stored over the internet so can be restored in event of box failure
28. Option to record in HD whenever possible - so if you accidently record or schedule an SD version it will automatically record the HD version instead, or let you know when the next HD version of a programme will be shown next
This can be a global, per channel or per series option.
29. Better clash resolution - will tell you which of the clashing programmes are repeated within the next month, so you can pick the one which doesn't get repeated. This should be customisable to work with a prioritiser as well so clashes can be automatically resolved
30. Ability to pad any programme by any amount (1minute to 12 hours) at any time, even when programme has already started
31. Save until options for each programme in planner or Anytime - so
Save until - disk space needed, 1 day, 2 day, 3days, until I delete, until I watch
32. Series links and wishlists have customisable default Save Until options, and keep 'x' number of episodes

37. Undelete
38. Share show suggestions with friends
39. Display messages (i.e. put the oven on I'm home in 15 minutes)
40. Connect with Digiguide, Amazon and other online guides/reviews and allow setting of season passes/series links/wishlists
41. Proper and quality metadata for radio shows, which can also have series links/wishlists which can also be prioritised, padded etc.
42. User customisation of onscreen graphics and logos
43. Option to not (or only) record signed programmes (this requires quality metadata)
44. Buffer/live pause intact on both tuners so when you switch between them you don't lose your place,Better buffer control- don't lose buffer when changing menus (USA DVRs can do this)
Buffer/live pause intact after playing a pre-rcorded programme
45. When attached to HD display - user definable fonts, text sizes, option for scrolling text on long episode titles etc..
46. Full Wap enabled interface (for low-tech mobile phones or people who don't want to pay high GPRS charges)
47. Full FTP
48. Connect to email,weather, traffic,news, ebay watch lists and other rss feeds, podcasts, tivocasts, youtube
49. Connect to other Sky+ or FoxsatHDR boxes to resolve any conflicts and allow operation of remote Sky+ or FoxsatHDR boxes from your current one
50. Caller ID recognisation and link to your phone address book
51. Ability to send emails with diagnostics, hard drive failure possibility, modem failure alerts, scheduled to-do-list of programmes and report why any programmes failed to record
52. Customisable background music for EPG (load your own mp3 or radio channel)
53. Display list and Auto-detection of duplicate recordings
54. In event of unresolved conflicts, auto-scheduling of the next repeat available
55. Profiles of all settings for each user, with user logons. Option to show/hide programmes dependent on profile
56. Ability to group together wishlists and series links by a name and also set validity and expiry dates

57: Full EPG series links for Radio channels, with interface to recommendations from Radio Times and other internet radio channels
58. Play at 101% to 120% speed with sound and pitch shift correct so I can watch a 60 minute show in about 50 minutes (useful for the wife's soaps)
59. Easily identify signed and dubbed programmes, and to include/exclude from series links, wishlists etc..
60. Open programmable interface so 3rd party developers may introduce controlled modular pug-ins -e.g. to link with home automation software
61. Full RS232 control
62. Connection to online VOD companies via ethernet e.g. Amazon unbox to purchase any programmes not available
63. option to automatically hide all channels of a certain type (e.g. kids) in EPG
64. Remote or RS232 or web enabled reset/reboot
65. Option to record in SD instead of HD wherever possible for space-saving reasons (e.g. kids cartoons can be in SD instead of from BBCHD where they would eat up more disk space)
In event of an unresolved conflict, schedule programme to automatically record on any other DVR on your network, e.g second FoxsatHDR, Dreambox, SkyHD box, Sky+, TiVo, MCE
Add a 'Related series' function to every programme where you can quickly set a wishlist or series link for a related show e.g. when you bring up Doctor Who there is a related option which will show Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures and the Weakest Link Doctor Who special and give you the chance to record those as well
Option to auto-record series link and all 'related' or 'spin-off' shows
Option to auto-record series links and wishlists by year and/or season number e.g. I only want seasons 3 to 6 of '24' and season 2 and 3 of 'Lost'
Display Season and episode number in format SxEy e.g. S5E2 by title in EPG so it is obvious which show I should watch next as they might be broadcast out-of-order
Global blocklist to prevent recording episodes you dont want to be picked up by series links or wishlists
Fully customisable text and menu order in menu system so you can rename titles and identify boxes e.g. Foxsat Living Room, FoxsatHD bedroom
Option to filter and display only HD programmes on any channel which has mixed mode e.g. ITVHD

Support for 1.5TB drives and larger e.g. Rx8500 50TB-Enterprise Giga Storage Solution -
Option for Series links/season passes preserved during major channel changes e.g change in frequency or re-branding
Option to display expired EPG data, so you know what youve just missed and can see which episode should be coming up next as sometimes the next episode isn't in the EPG yet, and also makes it easier to find a programme and set series links/season passes
Option to record automatically the SD version of an HD version if there isn't enough space left to record the HD version but there is enough space to record the SD version, or if the HD programme is no longer available in HD e.g. Foxsat HDR fails to record S|D version if HD version on ITVHD is no longer shown in HD but is shown in SD.
Super slick search like the new TiVo one :
The auto-standby should be customisable, just like a Windows PC.
So you can set Mon-Fri 8am-5pm off except bank holidays etc..

EPG overlaid over live TV option with transparency settings is faster

Support for video and music services like TiVo series 2 and 3 e.g. BBC iplayer,Last.Fm, Spotify,Napster,Rhapsody, Pandora,, Amazon music and video (unboxed), Netflix, Blockbuster video on demand,youtube, audioboo,4mations

Ability to pause/FF/rewind while EPG is overlaid

option for smarter re-schedul;ing -if you schedule a programme and the schedule changes, the current EPG usually removes it with no warning! It should give you warnings in a recording history screen and attempt to re-schedule the programme when it next appears in the EPG.

Simplify number of kepresses required - better UI design like Windows 7/ReplayTV/TiVo

More native/hybrid output options e.g.
Native - all formats output as is, without extra processing;
Hybrid - all SD output output as 576p, all other formats output as is;
Hybrid 720p - all SD output as 576p, all HD converted to 720p;
Hybrid 1080i - all SD output as 576p, all HD converted to 1080i;
Fixed 1080i - all formats converted to 1080i for output;
Fixed 720p - all formats converted to 720p for output;
Fixed 576p - all formats converted to 576p for output;
Fixed 576i - all formats converted to 576i for output

Option for playlist or other streamed internet music or a specified radio channel to replace background EPG music

Customisable EPG colours and/or shades of grey to help those who are colour blind

Removal of necessity of coloured buttons -redesign of UI and remote. There is no need to be reliant on coloured buttons in a modern UI - of course they can be used as ADDITIONAL shortcuts, but the full UI should be easily navigated without learning any shortcuts or reading any manuals

Option to default to most recent recordings at top of planner

Ability to function as an extra Sonos or Squeezebox,Slingbox, Hava client and/or controller

Ability to record, pause /rewind when in an interactive channel
Ability to record from Slingbox, Hava wireless, iplayer


Remote re-designed to add seperate dedicated slow-motion button (like TiVo) and navigation buttons to be larger and in central position (like TiVo/SkyHD/Harmony)
Seperate instant rewind button

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