Tuesday, 31 March 2009

o2 juggler -Smart photo viewer, calendar?

This looks interesting if they can get smartphone /cloud calendar synchronising

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Iphone 3.0 vs Palm Pre

I'm eagerly awaiting these features.

However, I had most of them in my 1997 Palm Visorphone -so Apple is 12 years late!

In addition, the exta features won't make it as functional as the Palm Pre -no multitasking,intelligent cloud support, PC/Mac independence,full file management,Flash player etc..., so I will have to have both phones come June/July, though I suspect the iphone will only be used as a backup and Last.Fm/Sonos controller!

Is it only me who thinks the June /July release date is coincidental with the Palm Pre release?

Extra wide screens -suitable for subtitles?

The new extra-wide screens from Philips could be great as a subtitle monitor.

One of my pet hates are big subtitles overlaid on top of the movie instead of confined in black bars.

I would put the subtitles on one screen below my main 16:9 screen.

Is there any subtitle software for pulling text from HD-DVD/Blu-ray?

Saturday, 7 March 2009

You can integrate Last.Fm on your TiVo (series 2 and 3 only tho I think)

Check it out


Would be nice to get this working on a UK series one, but might be a bit slow.


These integrate pretty well and are great way to listen to your music!

Very flexible in finding new music, a bit like TiVo, but not quite as powerful.
Last.fm has a pretty good matching facility and the Sonos and iPhone integration is neat.

You can also see how many people and how often they listen to your music!