Saturday, 10 January 2009

The PVR is now 11 years old

ReplayTV launched the first PVR in 1998/1999, with TiVo following a month later.

It's such a shame that Sky+ and all current UK produced DVRs have such poor EPGs and poor software features and design compared to either of those - and that's comparing to models 11 years ago!

Of course the PQ and sound quality improvements are immense, but I had hoped Sky, Topfield, Humax etc.. would have something vaguely as good by now.
I'm guessing it will be 2020 before the old 1998 TiVo and ReplayTV will be surpassed by Sky and Humax etc.. :(

I'm still waiting for Sky to enable a hundred features I had with ReplayTV and TIVo 11 years ago :(

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