Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Foxsat HDR DVR first impressions

Well it's now arrived thanks to Argos.
It's not in the same league as TiVo, but is probably our next best thing here in the UK.
The software is reasonable, visual design is OK, and hardware-wise it is fantastic.

Great alternative to SkyHD
Can record two channels, sometimes you can watch a third
Suggests whether you want to record a programme in HD when available
Slim quiet hardware, fast loading EPG (though slow compared to a well setup Windows Media Centre)
No blue screen or failed recordings after 3 days
Low power consumption on standby

Not as good as TiVo EPG/PVR-wise (conflict resolution, EPG detail, season pass/link prioritisation, networking)
Can't mix/match Freesat and manual tune modes
You LOSE all schedules and recording to-do list when you switch to or from manual tune mode!
I had a problem switching to another tuner whilst recording Apparitions last night.
Live buffer also failed to rewind while recording New Statesman

Cons due to other restrictions:
EPG limited to only 7 days and only in Freesat mode
Freesat EPG not as complete and detailed as TiVo (e.g. Bloomberg, CNN, Phoenix CCTV9 etc..)
Cannot archive BBCHD yet due to copyright restrictions
ITVHD not a full channel, stereo only
No C4 HD yet

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